The world needs another CAD program.

Fornjot is an early-stage project to create a next-generation, code-first CAD application.

Screenshot of Fornjot

The goal of this project is to create a CAD application that:

This goal is not realized yet. Far from it, actually! But Fornjot is slowly getting better, step by step.

Want to learn more? Here are some resources you might be interested in:


Fornjot is supported by @webtrax-oz, @reivilibre, @lthiery, @ahdinosaur, @martindederer, @bollian, @rozgo, @nullstyle, @tachiniererin, @sucaba, @Kethku, @jessebraham, @seanjensengrey, @MattOslin, @benwis, @happysalada, @jminer, @jeevcat, @U007D, @guillaumechauvat, @MitchellHansen, @mayfieldiv, and my other awesome sponsors. Thank you!

If you're interested in helping to make the project sustainable long-term, please consider sponsoring Fornjot yourself.


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