early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust


  1. A New Direction

  2. Weekly Release - The Last One

    This is going to be the last weekly release for the time being! See inside for some more info.

  3. Weekly Release - Inching Along

    Nothing exciting this week, just a bit of progress.

  4. Weekly Release - Where We've Been, Where We're Going

    Taking a look at the bigger picture this week.

  5. Weekly Release - Back From Vacation

    I'm back from vacation and don't have a whole lot to say.

  6. No release this week and next!

  7. Weekly Release - Some Good Progress

    The new API for creating and updating geometry is coming along.

  8. Weekly Release - Finished!

    Finished with the cleanup work, ready for what comes next.

  9. Weekly Release - Thoroughly Mediocre

    It wasn't a bad week. Not a great one either.

  10. Weekly Release - Progressed Extremely Well

    Finally, a week without any hard problems! Let's not get used to it.

  11. Weekly Release - Still More To Do

    The ongoing work is going well and still ongoing. I don't have a lot to say this week, do I.

  12. Weekly Release - Accidental Side-Effect

    Stopped trying to fix a bug; did something else entirely, that ended up fixing that bug.

  13. Weekly Release - Really Shouldn't Be That Hard

    When the very thing you're trying to fix complicates your fixes.

  14. Weekly Release - Ostensibly Quiet

    Work is going on behind the scenes. Not a lot of it is ready to be included in the repository yet.

  15. Weekly Release - The Usual Rabbit Hole

    1. Have work to do; 2. Identify obstacle; 3. Add obstacle to list of work, go back to 1.

  16. Weekly Release - Keep Things Moving

    Taking a break from working on the critical path to keep the project moving.

  17. Weekly Release - Slow Progress

    Work on the builder API is progressing.

  18. Weekly Release - Back to Normal

    Some nice improvements this week!

  19. Weekly Release - Quick and Painless

    Nothing much happening.

  20. Weekly Release - Consolidation

    Consolidating gains in a quiet and focused week.

  21. Weekly Release - Breakthrough

    Looks like that new idea from last week delivered!

  22. Weekly Release - New Idea

    Trying out a new approach to solve a big problem.

  23. Weekly Release - Experimentation

    Experimenting with an approach that could accelerate development.

  24. Weekly Release - Inspiration

    Struck by inspiration; using that to promote a chat room.

  25. Weekly Release - Realization

    The distraction is not actually a distraction?

  26. Progress Report - 2022-11

    An overview over the progress made since roughly July 2022.

  27. Weekly Release - In The Weeds

    Distracted by cleanups, again.

  28. Weekly Release - UI Week

    Lots of UI improvements in this one.

  29. Weekly Release - Ready to Fix

    Wrapping up the recent infrastructure work, moving on to a bug fix.

  30. Weekly Release - Making Room for Distractions

    Because too much focus can be detrimental.

  31. Weekly Release - 2022-W41

  32. Weekly Release - 2022-W40

  33. Weekly Release - 2022-W39

  34. Weekly Release - 2022-W38

  35. Weekly Release - 2022-W37

  36. Weekly Release - 2022-W36

  37. Weekly Release - 2022-W35

  38. Weekly Release - 2022-W34

  39. No release this week!

  40. Weekly Release - 2022-W32

  41. Weekly Release - 2022-W31

  42. Weekly Release - 2022-W30

  43. Weekly Release - 2022-W29

  44. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W27

  45. Fornjot 0.7

  46. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W26

  47. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W25

  48. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W24

  49. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W23

  50. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W22

  51. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W21

  52. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W20

  53. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W19

  54. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W18

  55. Fornjot 0.6

  56. The Fornjot Ecosystem

  57. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W16/W17 (Post-Vacation Edition)

  58. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W15 (Pre-Vacation Edition)

  59. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W14

  60. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W13

  61. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W12

  62. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W11

  63. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W10

  64. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W09

  65. Advantages of Code-CAD

  66. Straight edges, flat faces, simple sketches, full CSG

  67. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W08

  68. The world needs another CAD program

  69. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W07

  70. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W06

  71. Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W05

  72. Last Month in Fornjot - 2022-01

  73. Weekly Dev Log for 2022-W04

  74. Fornjot 0.5.0

  75. Why Fornjot is Using Boundary Representation

  76. Weekly Dev Log for 2022-W03