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Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W15 (Pre-Vacation Edition)

It's been another good (if short) week! You might notice, I'm publishing this on a Friday, not as usual on a Monday. That's because as of now, I'm on vacation! I didn't want to delay the dev log for two weeks, so here we go with an earlier one.

I finally wrapped up splitting the Fornjot app into self-contained libraries (#141), an effort that has gone on for a few weeks now (with interruptions). After that, I initially planned to start preparing for the next release. But it came to my attention that exported 3MF files were not valid, so I decided to focus on that.

I managed to fix 3MF export (#451), as well as a display issue that had the same root cause (#339). I added validation of exported 3MF files in the CI build, making sure issues like this won't creep in again as easily (#54).

Meanwhile, @hendrikmaus has continued his tireless work on release automation (#104), which I'll hopefully get to try out for the first time in a few weeks.


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End-user improvements

Improvements to Fornjot and its documentation that are visible to end-users.

Ecosystem improvements

Improvements to the Fornjot ecosystem that are relevant to developers who are building on top of Fornjot components.






Internal Improvements

Improvements that are relevant to developers working on Fornjot itself.

Issue of the Week

People make mistakes. I make mistakes. Sometimes I don't notice them, and get bitten by them later. It would be nice to prevent that, by having a robot tell me how dumb I am, and that I need to be more careful.

If that kind of thing is interesting to you, why not take a look at #477 - CI build should fail, if crates are not part of workspace? This is the kind of thing that's not a big task for a newcomer, but can be very helpful going forward. (And if you're looking for more along those lines, there's also #478.)


I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks! I might do some work during that time, but that will be completely governed by what I happen to be in the mood for. If that's something noteworthy, I'm going to publish a post-vacation dev log on May 2nd. If not, I'll be back with a regular one on May 9th.

Unless I learn about more critical bugs, my immediate priority after the vacation is going to be the next release. That will require a tiny bit of cleanup (READMEs, crate metadata, etc.), as well as a changelog and release announcement that will probably take days to write (I've waited too long).