early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Weekly Release - Back to Normal

After my end-of-year vacation, we're back to normal this week, and things are progressing nicely! I've declared victory on #1249 and refocused my attention on #1162. This requires extensions to the builder API, and I've already written a bit about how all of that fits together.

These hand-on programming activities are mixed in with lots of thinking going on in the background, about how the kernel needs to be structured in the future. I want to build a CAD system that makes changes to geometry easy to understand and reason about, and this will need to be supported in the kernel on an architectural level. A complete picture is still forming in my mind, and I'll let you know how that progresses!

In perhaps more interesting news, we've had some awesome contributions this week! @zthompson47 has fixed an annoying issue, that (re-)loading the model would freeze the GUI, and @antonok-edm has implemented support for arcs in sketches, allowing for more interesting shapes to be created!

Screenshot of a star-like 3D model with rounded edges


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